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In an ever changing and uncertain environment, resilience coaching helps you succeed.

Why Resilience Coaching?

Our PR6 assessment can help you identify your strengths and areas where you need to develop Resilience. Resilience Coaching helps you be proactive about mental fitness and emotional strength. 

At the same time, if you are frequently experiencing anxiety / stress @ workplace / personal reasons or are suffering from a medical illness which is causing a lot of stress, Resilience Coaching can help you get back to normal. 

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Our Method 

Coaching Approach

We believe that every individual has tremendous potential, is capable of dealing with any challenges coming along the way and achieving whatever he/she desires to achieve. All they need is to become aware of this immense potential and develop meaningful insights which will help them in their journey towards accomplishing their goals.


Coaching Conversations

We partner with individuals, support them in their process of becoming self-aware & develop a growth mindset leading to desirable behaviours and results. We create a safe environment for the coachee to open up & share whole heartedly while we listen intently, ask probing questions to energize and empower the coachee, challenge their thinking and develop new insights.


Coaching Engagement

We engage with the client on a bimonthly basis for about 60-90 mins for 12 sessions. It would be preferable to begin and end in person, while the remaining sessions could be virtual.

Coaching Phases

Before the start of the coaching session: 

A 30 min chemistry session is recommended before we start the coaching sessions. While the psychometric assessment will be dependent on the goals set for the coaching assessment, for resilience coaching we administer the PR6 psychometric assessment to enable the client to understand the as is status across the domains of resilience. We also recommend a stakeholder feedback if that is possible.


During the session

After self-introspection of the assessment results in the first session, the SMART goal setting process in undertaken and the coachee is encouraged to set powerful goals and success measures identified. In the subsequent sessions, the progress is reviewed and further action plans determined. A final review is conducted on the 12th session on accomplishment of the goals.


After the session

In alignment with the organisation, we follow up with the client after one month, three months, 6 months and a year for a short review session to assess the current status at that time and discuss way forward.

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