“Leadership is an ever-evolving position.”

– Mike Krzyzewski


How We Understand Leadership

We believe that leaders, as well as others involved in leadership, have to extend their view (in the spirit of a systemic perspective) to not only look at the performance of the individual but also to focus on shaping the framework, rules and interactions. 

Observing & Understanding Patterns

An essential task of leadership is the perceiving, addressing and adjusting of patterns. It is important to observe, listen and be attentive to the interaction between people.

Consciously Deciding & Acting

In addition to observation, leadership also means acting consciously and deliberately deciding how a leader can make the greatest personal value contribution. 

Reflecting & Developing

This requires a capacity for reflection and the willingness to continue to develop, to question oneself and, of course, to consciously integrate observation and reflection time into one’s own everyday leadership. 

Our Offers On Leadership.

For multi-hierarchical companies and organizational units, Resilient Leadership designs Leadership Landscapes, development programs that address all levels of leadership within the organization.

Below are some of our key offerings:


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