“Leadership is the key to 99 percent of all successful efforts.”

— Erskine Bowles

You just want to do it? Then we recommend our Spotlight Cards. Because they give small, easy-to-apply nudges to help you to look at everyday work differently, to approach it differently and to carry it out it differently. Whether as a food for thought for individuals, as a meeting method or as a trigger to develop new patterns, our Spotlight Cards are fun and offer the opportunity to rethink work.

Leading leaders is not the same as leading a team of people. New topics have to find their place in everyday life, the topic of leadership has a new meaning and has to defend its space in meetings and individual discussions. Our Leading Leaders Cards provide smaller and larger impulses for the challenges of leadership.

The Movendo Leadership Compass offers the models, with which we like to work in our leadership training courses, as a complete overview in one tool. So you always have your concentrated leadership knowledge with you. A quick summary will help you remember the content, and the appropriate reflection questions are just right to help you with the application of the models.

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Working more flexibly in a sustainable way – that’s what makes organisations successful in the long run.


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