Bring out the fighter in you…

Arunima Sinha, a national level volley ball player was pushed from a running train by thugs for refusing to hand over her gold chain. She fell on a parallel railway track and unfortunately there was another train passing on that track which ran over one of her leg. She was admitted at AIIMS, Delhi, where an amputation of that leg had to be done and a prosthetic leg fitted.

The entire process took about 4 months but while she was recovering in the hospital, there was constantly this urge in her to do something and that’s when the vision she set for herself changed her life. She decided to be a mountaineer and scale the highest peaks in the world. Though she faced a lot of difficulties in the process of moving towards her vision, today she holds the record of being the world’s first female amputee to climb the Mount Everest.

Bhakti Sharma, an Indian Open water swimmer is the youngest in the world to set a record in open water swimming in Antarctic waters. In fact, she swam in all the five oceans of the world. She equates swimming the English Channel to climbing mount Everest.

In her Ted Talk “What open water swimming taught me about resilience”, she said that her vision of swimming in all the 5 oceans helped her build a fighter in her, a fighter that was prepared to fight & win all the battles that may come up during her journey. She also said that more dangerous than the external forces which tried to pull her back, she had to be extra careful of her inner demons i.e. negative thoughts, apprehensions, anxiety, fear etc., gain victory over them in the early phases to ensure victory.   Both the above examples illustrate the power of having a VISION.

As Stephen Covey says in his habit no two, begin with the end in mind. This enables you to mentally create what you want before you actually go ahead and physically create it. By doing so, you have a sense of direction which enables you to take the right decisions at the right time. It helps you remain calm & persist when you face adversity. Your vision keeps you motivated, which helps you find ways to make a comeback if you have setbacks during the journey.  Finally, it provides you with a lot of mental strength and emotional maturity to deal with any stressful situation coming up in front of you till you accomplish your goal.

I liked the way Bhakti described, Vision brings out the fighter in you and build resilience. So, if you have already not done so, go ahead and create a Vision for yourself!


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