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I am not able to ask questions in meetings or training sessions. By the time I think of a question, someone has already asked the same and the end result is that my participation in the meeting is nil……

I am not able to speak up in meetings or training sessions. I have a question in mind but what if others think it is a silly question and what if they develop a wrong impression about me……

In a group discussion, I am not able to express my point of view, what if a conflict arises…..

 In a meeting with a senior person, I am not able to speak up, fearing that what I say may not be accepted and hence land up accepting whatever they say…..

 I am not able to say a NO and ultimately land up taking up so many tasks that my work life balance goes for a toss……

 I have heard the above statements from so many coaches during my coaching sessions, that I wonder…

 1. Most of these coaches are well educated from reputed institutes, come with a lot of experience, have a track record of good performance and yet why is it that they lack self-confidence when it comes to speaking up…

 2.     Would it be better to coach then to develop the self-confidence to ask questions, speak up, express their point of view or say a NO when they want to…. OR

 3. Would it be better to convince the management to bring about changes at an organizational level which would help create psychological safety for employees so that they do not hesitate in asking questions, easily express their point of view, speak up without fear and say a NO when they want to……  which will encourage employees to innovate, be creative, co-create solutions, leverage team intelligence & enjoy work life balance!

 Here, I would like to share 5 steps recommended by the Center for Creative Leadership to create psychological safety.

 While I have been coaching my coaches to develop self-confidence & wherever possible, encouraging organizations to create psychological safety, it would be interesting to know from you all if you have also come across colleagues with similar challenges and what has been your approach to supporting these colleagues


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